Umpires of cricket like any other profession need training. There is always a responsibility on the individual to make sure that his/her study and evaluation of performance is constant away from formal sessions. However, in Canterbury (like all of New Zealand) training is both regular and structured.

Activities that we organise include:

* Regular training meetings run by the local association.
* Annual get togethers of all umpires in Canterbury for a whole training day.
* Specialised groups meeting a particular need. 

In particular we have our Regional Development Group who are the eight umpires that we have identified for promotion purposes.

The regional training performance is overseen by myself.

Within each of the local associations is at least one Area Training Officer who is responsible for organising the training for those umpires. These Area Training Officers also meet as required to make sure that training content and knowledge is right up to date.

So, as you can hopefully see, training is a major priority of CRCUSA and we will make sure that you are given every opportunity to realise your dreams.

Dallas McIlraith